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At DCR Carpentry & Construction, we are masters of kitchen renovations in Randwick. We can provide our clients with complete services in this context. This includes key services such as costing and design. This is how we make sure that we offer them the best value for the money that they have invested in us. We are among the top firms in the industry right now. We have years of experience in the industry which has given us immense knowledge. With so much experience and knowledge at our beck and call, clients can always trust us to provide them the best results for such projects.

They can be sure that we can deliver them a solution that would be within their budget and satisfy all their key requirements relating to quality workmanship and design.

The importance of kitchens 

We are committed to providing kitchens that are the beating hearts of homes. There is so much more to a kitchen than merely being a place where people make their meals. This is where the entire family comes together and spends some of the finest moments in life in each other’s company and warmth. We offer our clients a package that comes with zero stress.

How do we help you?

It starts right from the first stage of the kitchen renovations in the Randwick project. Our clients can trust us to install their kitchen completely and leave it at such a stage that they can use it as soon as we finish the job. We use the highest quality fittings and appliances in our kitchen renovation projects. We stock a wide array of brands and materials so that our customers have a wide array of choices.

How do we start our work?

We always start any project by first listening to what the client has to say. We want to know what our clients are looking to achieve from the project. After that, we start our work to do better than what they may have expected. Our clients can be sure that we can build their kitchen or renovate it in such a way that it represents their lifestyle the best. It will suit all their needs too. Our designers will work closely with our clients to make sure that we properly take care of all the finer details of the project.

The designers can also offer them the best professional advice by attracting their attention to the practical issues with the project that clients may not have thought of.

Taking over the project

We would take over the kitchen renovations in Randwick work once the client has approved of the design. We have a complete project team that covers all the aspects of such work. The team members work in perfect harmony and coordination with each other to ensure that there are no issues with any area of the project such as the materials, fittings, and products. They will also make sure we do the work as per the agreed schedule.


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